Guest Mixtape / The Needle Drop / Mutant Dance Mix

Now that things are back on track, it gives me great pleasure to dive right in to killer guest mixtapes with one very near and dear to this tadpole’s heart.  The Needle Drop has gone above and beyond in supporting this blog since the beginning and I cannot thank him enough.  From doling out blogger advice and anecdotes over the phone, to interviewing me on his radio show, “the internet’s busiest music nerd” and fellow CT native will always get a gold star in my book.  And now I’ll shut up and let Anthony introduce his mixtape in the way he does best…


Guest Mixtape / Tympanogram / Wake From Dreaming

This morning’s guest mixtape comes from Andy, one of the co-founders of Tympanogram – a great blog that covers a broad range of new and often undiscovered tracks, show and album reviews, and more – and always shares opinions on music in an approachable way.   The guys at Tympanogram were even kind enough to add a newb like me to their blogroll first, that’s how nice they are.  And so it goes without saying that I’m thrilled to present the below mix titled: “Wake From Dreaming”

*     *     *     *

I tried to come up with what I would have given to an object of my high school affection, and while no mix tape I made ever came out like this (because nothing comes out right in high school), it’s a pretty accurate representation of what went on tapes at one time or another. There are two sides: songs 1-7 on Side A, 8-14 on Side B to make up a 60 minute mix tape.


Guest Mixtape / Children’s Books: TSURURADIO Presents… Come On In, Sit A Spell, Let Me Tell You A Tale Mixtape!!!

For help finishing off the week of children’s books I reached out to one of my favorite bloggers (or should I say, blogging communities) TSURURADIO, and to my delight the mixtape master said yes!  Check out his unique and extremely interesting take on the theme.  If this blog is about different ways to use music in storytelling (hint: it is) then Tsuru nails it:

What is a children’s tale? During my time shooting my Born In A Bottle Rocket series I’ve learned that the sugar & glossed coated world of cute bugs and kids and monkeys having short silly adventures is just some silly modern construct. There was a time when stories were odd, weird, scary, creepy, full of death, evil, serial killers, happy & unhappy endings, many of which were non-sensical & rather pointless. So what does that mean for this mixtape? When you challenged me, I started digging, and the more songs I found, in my own collection and that of others, the mixtape begin telling it’s own tales. Tales of hobos & hobbits, of murder & robots, mountaintops, mountain towns, & transvestites, stories of science fiction & hippie adventures, you know, the stories of our lives.


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