TA Mixtape / Road Trippin: Sing Your Heart Out…Just Keep Your Eyes on the Road

It’s been said over and over again, but music is KEY to any road trip experience.  In my research I found countless blogs, websites and columns citing their own opinion on the best music to drive to – and not all by hip aficionados.  It’s one type of music that everyone has an opinion on (as evidenced by the variety of music you’ll see in the posts this week) – which I think is pretty neat.

I myself have been on several road trips over the last decade – Chicago to Los Angeles (and back), Chicago to Vermont (then Connecticut), and the doozy – Connecticut to Los Angeles.  I could wax poetic about my travels (gorgeous Colorado mountains!) or regale you with ridiculous stories (Julian’s Pizza & Karaoke in Gatlinburg, TN), but instead I’ll just impart you with a few music-related tips that I learned along the way…


TA Mixtape / Road Trippin: Criss-Crossing The USA

by Mitch Campbell

Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo, TX

Most of us can still remember those days when we were young tots (tadpoles!) buckling up for the seven-hour nightmare of a drive with our family and any mysterious body odors they chose to bring along with them.  Sure, road trips can be miserable…  if you want them to.  But that was not the case in my recent criss-crossing of this country from LA to NYC.  I strapped on an optimistic, eager attitude towards some good-ol’-Lewis-and-Clark-style exploration and packed up my VW Jetta (she’s my lil’ Sacagawea) with one personal challenge in mind:  to conquer the southern United States by simply driving through it.  Ambitious, I know, but that’s how old-school explorers operate.  So without further ado, I hereby claim this Tadpole Audio guest mixtape mine in the name of music-loving travelers everywhere!


Mixtape / Children’s Books: I Can Fly!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an embarrassingly deep love for all things Peter Pan.  When I was little I only wore floral, frilly nightgowns and kept my slippers next to the bed at all times just so I would always be prepared if Peter came one to whisk me away.  No matter how old I get I will always ride “Peter Pan’s Flight” at Disney, and will cry at any movie with the general theme of growing up / loss of childhood innocence.  And I mean CRY.


TA Mixtape / Leave Your Guitar At Home

This Friday Tadpole Audio is pleased to present a mix of a different color.  A couple weeks ago I reached out to a colleague of mine who I have always admired for clearly having music in his blood to see if he would be interested in whipping something up and he got creative in a way not yet seen on this site.   What happens if you can’t touch one of today’s most relied upon instruments?  A lot of really cool stuff.


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