Happy Birthday USA: Oh Say Can You See…

Summer is the time for anthems. Just check out this article on Strangers In Stereo all about it. One very important anthem – and one that is highly celebrated in the summer – was missing from that list though: the national anthem. That and the pledge of allegiance (for everyone still in grade school) are the only ways we honor our nation year round. With our nation’s birthday coming up this weekend, however, I started thinking to myself – what actually makes an anthem?


TA Mixtape / Music In Media: TV Dinner

by Andrew Thomas

“It just sort of introduces the idea that you’re in for something pretty idiotic.” – Larry David

I love food. I love eating it. I love making it. I love talking about it. I love hearing people talk about it. I even love watching people make it on competition based television shows. Unfortunately, those shows by nature must leave out one of my favorite elements of food: the smell. When you enter a restaurant owned by a knowledgeable chef, you’ll notice the immediate presence of a powerful, distinct and pleasing aroma. It heightens the anticipation. It lets you know the type of food is on the way. It focuses your senses on the tastes and textures to come.

A good theme song is the television equivalent to a tantalizing aroma before a delicious meal. It whets your appetite for the rest of the show. The tone of the song will let you know if the show will be light, dark, comedic, dramatic, intense, intelligent, unconventional, or any number of things. When you hear the twanging guitars and mournful fiddle of Deadwood’s Opening Sequence, you know you’re not in for a buddy cop comedy. When you hear The Barenaked Ladies prattle off a Brief History of The Universe, you know you’re not watching a show about a rape lawyer.


TA Mixtape / Summer Lovin: Dandelions Are Not Your Friends

At the end of last week I got so obsessed with writing this story, I completely ran out of time to post my other gardening mix last week.

My 12-year-old self is so tempted right now

Who didn’t think the dandelion was the best flower ever when they were little?  They were the best for making flower chains and headbands.  You could use them as crayons.  If you held one under your chin the amount that it glowed on your skin predicted how rich you would be.  And it was insanely fun to blow the all the seeds away into the wind.


TA Mixtape / Summer Lovin’ : How Does Your Garden Grow?

If the fact that my last mixtape included tracks from both Journey AND The Backstreet Boys didn’t reveal me to be a huge nerd, then I’m about to blow my cover now: this past April I actually left my apartment in Silverlake – Los Angeles hipster music mecca – and moved completely across town into a house a mile away from the beach.  AND I LOVE IT. Yeah, it’s much farther to get to most shows, and a much more painful drive home when I head east on weeknights, but I moved to be closer to my job in Santa Monica and in that regard it’s a total win.

I also love living in a house.  Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two floors.  I love my huge living room and kitchen.  I love having a front yard.  I love my tiny room, which is almost completely become my own personal magical music happy land.  Currently though, I’m especially loving my back patio.  I want to paint the walls.  I want to buy cute vintage patio furniture.  And I want to garden.


Profound Broccoli: golden roads

by Dorice via Tsururadio

Photography by MamaTepley (circa the 80s)

“I realize that I will never fully understand the millions of bizarre ways that music brings people together.”Rob Sheffield

I remember driving from Winnipeg to Yorkton, SK. A 500km (300m) and approx 8 hour drive. I can only vividly remember doing the trip twice but the journey there & back felt like we could’ve been travelling 20 times over. The one trip I remember the most was when my dad and I went by ourselves (it is his side of the family after all). My mum had a busy summer working at her beauty salon (Tiara Coiffures, with its yellow swirled glass & giant bamboo/wickery chairs to fake wood paneling, her shop was untouched from the 70s till the day she sold it when I was in high school). You could only really make the trip (or so my parents would say), during the summer as the winter drive would have been dangerous. For whatever reason going in the fall or spring was never a logical option either. Since it would be just me and my father on the grand open road for 8 hours (but back then it might as well have been days long the way that time easily slipped through my mind), I had prepared myself with adventuring provisions. In my wee plastic suitcase: Archie and Betty & Veronica comics (Jughead ones too!), Mad Libs, game boy & games (Dr. Mario was my life, also this Kid Icarus game that I never could finish), undoubtedly some little treat my mom would’ve snuck in outside of our healthy road tripping snacks, and my Fisher Price portable tape player.

Photography by purpleplaid

Continue reading the piece on Tsururadio – I highly recommend, it’s a fantastic recollection of childhood roadtrips, and the relationship we all have with the music our parents gave us when we were young.  And to give you a sampling of some of the cruisin’ tunes you can find there…

“Blue Moon” – The Marcels
Blue Moon – The Marcels by purpleplaid

“Oh, What A Night” – The Dells
Oh, What a Night – The Dells by purpleplaid

“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” – Jerry Lee Lewis
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Jerry Lee Lewis by purpleplaid

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