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Ever left a movie wondering what that great song was? Each week Music In Media will spotlight tunes and explore collaborations between music and the Arts.

Chuck, the little show that despite being on the bubble for almost all four seasons of its existence, keeps on trucking, has returned to Monday nights on NBC. For those of you who’ve never caught an episode (and you really should make an effort to do so), it’s about a Geek Squad employee (Zachary Levi) who accidentally downloads a program containing government secrets into his brain, and some special powers as well, like an instant knowledge of kung-fu and swordplay.  Together, with his CIA and NSA handlers, he finds himself thrust into the spy game and accidentally does pretty well. At the end of last season, Chuck’s place of employment, the Buy More (think Best Buy) exploded, Chuck quit being a spy, finally got his girl, then found out that his mom (Linda Hamilton), who disappeared when he was kid, was actually a spy on the run.

We kick off the new season with Chuck’s quest around the world to track her down; a journey that takes place in a matter of minutes due to its epic failure. Soon he’s back at square one—no mom, no job, no spy missions. After a series of terrible corporate job interviews, Chuck is left with only one option—the Buy More, version 2.0. However, as Chuck and his sidekick/best friend, Morgan (Josh Gomez), enter the store, they notice something different. It’s been entirely rebuilt as a CIA base. The TV department turns into a surveillance center. Trap doors and chutes are hidden everywhere. All the employees are highly trained (and highly attractive) CIA operatives.

Read the rest at Strangers in Stereo…

Storyteller Series: Villagers “Becoming A Jackal”

Some songs tell stories just as vivid and intricate as any film or TV show. The Storyteller Series highlights those special pieces of music with lyrics that captivate the audience from beginning to end.

When I first heard Becoming A Jackal, the debut album from Villagers, I certainly appreciated it as thoughtful, intellectual and poetic, but I have to be honest: I wasn’t really moved by it. I used “Home” as part of a selection of songs I put together for The Needle Drop in May, but after that the album sat in my iTunes library dormant.

Then I had the pleasure of hosting Conor O’Brien in my office this past July.


TA Mixtape / Sleep Tight

Photo via digital retrograde

When I was little I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  A painter, to be specific.  It was the clearest way I knew how to translate images and stories in my head into something I could see and touch.  I always told myself that someday – when I was a real artist – I would finally be able to paint the perfect sunset. I tried a few times of course, but I just couldn’t get the textures, layers or nuances in each vivid shade.  No matter.  Someday I would get there.  Well, that day still hasn’t come, but living in California and getting to see the most beautiful sunsets every day from the 5th Floor of my office building has certainly brought it to the forefront of my mind again.


Guest Mixtape + Interview / Marvelous Toy: WAKE UP!

After catching their killer show at Spaceland a few months ago with Solid Gold, I just had to learn more about East LA band, Marvelous Toy. One thing led to another and soon I was in touch with Jordan Hudock, the braintrust of the band. I caught up with him for a couple tasty beers at El Prado to chat about his mixtape “WAKE UP!” and got some local tips along the way…


Storyteller Series / Sufjan Stevens “Casimir Pulaski Day”

Some songs tell stories just as vivid and intricate as any film or TV show. The Storyteller Series highlights those special pieces of music with lyrics that captivate the audience from beginning to end.

Really it’s hard to pick just one of Sufjan Stevens‘s songs to identify as an example of brilliant songwriting.  This is the guy who made a name for himself through his intricate concept albums.  The music world is waiting with bated breath to see what The Age of Adz will bring (check out “I Walked” on Listen Before You Buy).  Because of this though, so many of the songs on his albums weave together and its often hard to separate out individual tracks.  Off of Illinois, “Chicago” gained prominence largely because of it’s use in Little Miss Sunshine.  I also always recall “John Wayne Gacy, Jr” due to it’s morbid subject matter.  But for today’s Storyteller Series I thought I would highlight a particularly touching track for me – “Casimir Pulaski Day.”


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