Film / Soundtrack Review / Eat, Pray, Love

I saw Eat, Pray, Love this past weekend without skimming the soundtrack even once beforehand and I have to say my first impression leading the theatre was not – in the words of Larisa OleynikwhelmedNeil Young somehow seems an obvious choice for a soul-searching 40-something.  M.I.A “Boyz” is a great song, but now three years old.  And the collaboration between Eddie Vedder and Nursat Fateh Ali Khan (“The Long Road”) while lovely is off of ANOTHER soundtrack released in 1996The only original song on the album is “Better Days” by Vedder.

Now that I’ve listened to the soundtrack over and over again a few times – I still hold true to my above criticisms, but at the same time definitely appreciate how good of a job music supervisor P.J. Bloom did choosing music that supports the film.  And the film is really what is whelming.


TA Mixtape / Good Morning To You!

Georgia O'Keeffe "Sunrise" 1916

Mornings are by far the most polarizing time of day – most people either love them or despise them.    For some, waking up from a good sleep is an unfortunate necessity; they refuse to make Saturday plans any earlier than 3pm.  Others leap out of bed at 8am and run 3 miles before cooking a well-balanced breakfast.  Wake up the wrong way – on the wrong side of the bed, if you will – and your day is ruined.  Whether you’re a late sleeper forced to rise at the crack of dawn, or an early riser who misses the alarm – you’re cranky all day.


Tadpole Audio + Strangers in Stereo = Sweet Music

Hankering for more tidbits on music used in film & TV shows?  Want more of my witty and charming writing style in your life? And most importantly,  have you been looking for one interweb destination where you can go to learn about the latest and greatest new tracks, artists, albums, mixtapes, etc.?


Guest Mixtape / The Needle Drop / Mutant Dance Mix

Now that things are back on track, it gives me great pleasure to dive right in to killer guest mixtapes with one very near and dear to this tadpole’s heart.  The Needle Drop has gone above and beyond in supporting this blog since the beginning and I cannot thank him enough.  From doling out blogger advice and anecdotes over the phone, to interviewing me on his radio show, “the internet’s busiest music nerd” and fellow CT native will always get a gold star in my book.  And now I’ll shut up and let Anthony introduce his mixtape in the way he does best…


Film / Soundtrack Review / Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

As with all highly anticipated soundtracks, I wanted to wait until I actually saw the movie before passing final judgement, and I have to say I’m surprised at the assessment I’m about to make.  The biggest revelation being that while Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is definitely a very music oriented film, its prime motif is video games.  The editing, the music, the production design, the costume design, style, special effects, everything – are all geared to support this.  I know, I know, everyone else knew that but me.  And I did know it.  But now I understand just how important it is for anyone taking a listen to the soundtrack to be aware of that.


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