Mixtape / Children’s Books: I Can Fly!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an embarrassingly deep love for all things Peter Pan.  When I was little I only wore floral, frilly nightgowns and kept my slippers next to the bed at all times just so I would always be prepared if Peter came one to whisk me away.  No matter how old I get I will always ride “Peter Pan’s Flight” at Disney, and will cry at any movie with the general theme of growing up / loss of childhood innocence.  And I mean CRY.


Video Game / Soundtrack Review / Video Game / Red Dead Redemption

Do you feel lucky?

Over the past couple years at my job I’ve become fairly familiar with music for film and television – so when Paste Magazine posted an article about an exciting new Jose Gonzalez track being featured on the soundtrack for a video game, I knew I had my research cut out for me.

Many reviewers are praising Red Dead Redemption as the best Western video game since…well, ever.  In a word, it’s “epic.”  And the creation of the score is no exception.


TA Mixtape / Leave Your Guitar At Home

This Friday Tadpole Audio is pleased to present a mix of a different color.  A couple weeks ago I reached out to a colleague of mine who I have always admired for clearly having music in his blood to see if he would be interested in whipping something up and he got creative in a way not yet seen on this site.   What happens if you can’t touch one of today’s most relied upon instruments?  A lot of really cool stuff.


Lily Allen + Bridget Jones’s Diary = New Musical?

Team, I’m gonna be honest – I’m tentatively excited about this, but kind of surprised.  I would have pegged Lily to be a better fit for Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging aka Bridget Jones Jr., but here we are.

Apparently after telling the world that she was retiring last year – something about a clothing and a record company – Contact Music reports that the singer has now signed up to write 12 songs for the musical – one of which is already done (about what else? Bridget moaning over feeling fat).


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