Roshambo: Paper Beats…Rock?

“Roshambo” or “Rocks, Paper, Scissors” is one of the oldest games in existence.  While the name “roshambo” is Egyptian, most believe the game was actually created in 200 BC Japan before migrating West in the 1700’s to become a favorite of Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de Rochambeau.  He may have actually been the one responsible for bringing it to the new world as well – the Count of Rochambeau was the general of the French troops sent in to support George Washington in the American revolution.  Even so, no one is really sure where and how it spread, as there are origin stories from the Scandinavians and the Celts too.  One thing for sure is that from Finland to Ancient Rome EVERYONE knew about it – and the same still holds true to this day.  The game is so ingrained in world culture it has even been used in Federal court, by a Japanese CEO auctioning priceless works of art, and of course, at the official World Series of Rock Paper Scissors.

Roshambo: Paper Beats Rock by tadpolopoly

Upcoming shows…

Acclaimed UK duo The Turin Brakes are doing an acoustic show at The Echo on May 14.  Get your tickets!

Catch 1, 2, 3 at the Silverlake Lounge on May 10 – FREE show with War Tapes, The New Room and Tracy, Dean and Jesus.  Info here.

I’m going to be honest, when I free associated the word “paper” my mind immediately goes to “paper heart” – the phrase, not the movie.  But there is a movie.  And I did find this ADORABLE scene.

Game Night: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

I’m just going to go ahead and ask the question: who DIDN’T cheat at Monopoly?  I never actually even knew how to play the game so I guess I always did.  Though at age eight it was more like fighting for who got the race car and then using the money to play house.

Even so, I still think I grasped the reason why Monopoly is the most commercially successful board game in the world: everyone loves to feel like a millionaire.  Which is of course ironic since the game was created by a Quaker activist who essentially wanted to teach people how bad monopolies are.

From there, as we all know, there are now a million different versions of the game, World Version to McDonald’s Version, plus tons of computer games and even a game show.  A documentary about the game and its ridiculous popularity is coming out Fall 2010 called Under The Boardwalk.

The version that I found the most interesting however was the one used to help WW II prisoners of war escape.  Seriously. The man who had rights to manufacture the game outside of the United States had a special edition made with compasses, maps and real money hidden inside that were gifted to prisoners by fake charities

See?  Everyone cheats at Monopoly in some way or another.

Game Night: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 by tadpolopoly

If you’re not feeling the Atlantic City vibe, check out a couple shows in your own back yard….

Funeral Party will be at the Troubadour this coming Wednesday, May 5 with Two Door Cinema Club before touring with Surfer Blood.  I hope you have a connection because it’s sold out.

And you can catch The Besnard Lakes there on May 13 with Happy Hollows and Infantree.

Information and tickets here.

And keep your eye out on for the debut album by The Dig, Electric Toys – out on June 8th.

This has nothing to do with music, but man, monopoly is some serious stuff!  Listen to that intense commentary…

Game Night: That’s How It Could Have Happened…

To be perfectly honest I think I’ve played this board game less times than I can count on my hand, and if someone asked me to explain the game to you I wouldn’t even know where to start.  I always found it extremely confusing with all the weapons and locations and people and cards and…man, I don’t even know.

I will, however, ALWAYS remember two things that have spawned from this board game.

1)     Murder Mystery Night.  Okay, so I don’t know if Clue was ACTUALLY the basis for this, but the two are intertwined in my mind.  I believe now there are several different brands and websites boasting variations, but the gist is that you gather 8-10 friends for a party and give them each a character in advance of the event.  You could probably create all this on your own, but I did a packaged one with some amazingly punny names (I was “Spence DeMonet” a rich hunter or oil man or something).  Everyone must dress the part.  When the party begins someone is immediately killed off and the rest of the evening is figuring out whodunit.  I know it sounds pretty lame, but is actually really amazing.

2)     The Movie.  Tim Curry.  Madeline Kahn.  Michael McKean.  Christopher Lloyd.  That guy who is in everything, but I can’t ever remember his name.  Leslie Ann Warren, who I remember only because she was in a version of Cinderella (what?! That came out in 1965?!).  I don’t think I need to say any more.

Listen to some music.  Just watch out for the Cook (especially if she has a wrench).

Game Night: That’s how it could have happened…. by tadpolegames

Honeyhoney will be at The Hotel Café TONIGHT for the last night of their residency along with Nina Storey, Jenn Grinels, Ryan Levine and Kris Gruen.  Set time is 10pm, tickets here.

Catch Nico Stai on Saturday night, May 1 at the Bootleg Theatre with Shadow Shadow Shade, and The Black Apples.  Tickets here.

And if you happen to be in WeHo on Tuesday May 18, hit up the Troubadour for Scarlet Grey, performing with Assemble The Skyline, New Years Day, and Vogue In The Movement.  Their new album drops June 1.  Go here for tickets.

P.S. “Village Green Preservation Society” gets a great and very apropo use in Hot Fuzz.  It’s worth seeing for the song use, and the complete awesomeness of the film.

Photo courtesy of Rogue Pictures. Swoon.

Game Night: Oh No, Not The Molasses Swamp!

Candyland is the one game I have loved as long as I could remember.

Princess Tadpole totally works, right?

I’m pretty sure it was because I always wanted to be Queen Frostine.  Even Princess Lolly – she was a princess after all.  To be honest, I’m pretty sure that the last time I played the game was within the past three years.  And thank goodness I had my own version of the game from at least the 1980’s, because there have been some changes made.  No more Plumpy!  Queen Frostine became Princess Frostine…but what of Princess Lolly?  Gone the way of Plumpy?  Battling for the crown?  Either way not good.

I dedicate this playlist to her.

Game Night: Oh No, Not The Molasses Swamp! by tadpolegames

I also wanted to rep two awesome shows at The Echo this week:

Leopold and his Fiction – Thursday, April 29 aka TOMORROW (with Lemon Sun and Red Arrow Messenger)

Heartless Bastards – Friday, April 30 (with Hacienda and Amy Cook)

Click here for details.

P.S. This song and video are both AMAZING.  I’m currently listening on repeat. After (by all accounts) tearing it up at SXSW for Spin, Foxy Shazam is a group you MUST check out – if you like rocking out, of course.

Meet Roy G. Biv: Mellow Yellow

Recently green and yellow have both been in the forefront of my color preferences. I had a green iPod Nano, and now I have a green iPod shuffle. I am attracted to any yellow sundress like a magpie to shiny objects. I don’t understand why sick cartoons are always depicted as turning green. I’ve never seen one person turn green in my entire life, and it’s giving such a wonderful color a terrible connotation. Similarly I feel like yellow is also often considered a “sickly” color because of jaundice. When someone looks “jaundiced” they are faintly yellow. How sad for such bright, lovely colors. In light of such injustice, please enjoy a few tracks celebrating their awesomeness. Enjoy.

Meet Roy G. Biv: Mellow Yellow by colorfultadpole

You can also catch the rainbow live…

Bipolar Bear have a song called “Cape Verde” and will be at Spaceland on April 30.   Listen to the song here, and get your tickets!

So Many Wizards finishes out their residency at the Silverlake Lounge this coming MONDAY, April 26.  Perhaps they’ll play “Yellow Hands,” but if not you can check it out here.  There’s no excuse not to go – it’s free!

And you can catch Spirit Vine at Spaceland on May 6.  Get their new Golden EP here.

Lastly, to send you off into the weekend, a dose of awesome/extremely weird:

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