Meet Roy G. Biv: Purple People-Eater

Purple is a color that I have always had a very special relationship with.  I blame it on how magical Harold and The Purple Crayon was.  It was my favorite color for a long time (until I just gave up and realized I couldn’t decide on just one).  I even directed a play for a theatre group that is named “The Purple Crayon Players.” The walls of my childhood bedroom are a deep purple.  My school colors in college were purple and white.  It’s an amazing color, and not just because Prince made millions off of it.

Fun Facts About Purple:

  • Purple in a room promotes creativity and imagination.
  • “Porphyrous” is an adjective that means “of or pertaining to the color purple.”
  • When someone is born “in the purple” it’s a way of saying they are of noble birth.
  • The “Forbidden City” in Bejing, China is technically “The Purple Forbidden City,” because of the secret purple area in heaven they believed was located near the north star.

And now some fun purple (and blue, violet, etc…) music!

Meet Roy G. Biv: Purple People Eater by colorfultadpole

Still want more?  Don’t be blue!  You can check out some of these violet-ly awesome tunes live!

Horse Feathers are at the Bootleg Theatre on May 19.  Tickets here.

Check out Trevor O’Neill’s track “Blue Divide” on his myspace, and see him live at the Bootleg Theatre on April 27.  Event info here.

You might see Sister Crayon perform their song “Lavender Liars”  if you hit up Spaceland on April 28…or on myspace.  Show tickets here.

Same for “Violet!”by  Jeremy Messersmith, also appearing at the Bootleg.  Catch him on May 15.  Tickets here.


Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed

After a crazy weekend at Coachella, I thought I would go back to basics.  And by basics I mean something learned in kindergarten: the color wheel.  Who doesn’t fondly remember the discovery of purple?  Green?  Orange?  And the disappointment when it became clear that mixing them all together created not a magical rainbow of color, but gross brown.  So many failed fingerpaintings.

In following with the timeless ROYGBIV, we begin with red, orange and variations thereof.  AND in following with kindergarten-level activities, I shall name all items I can think of in that color spectrum:


Clifford the Big Red Dog



Kitten noses




Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed by tadpolemusic

Upcoming shows…

Spindrift – May 6th at The Echo.  Tickets here.

Pepper Rabbit – April 29th at the Silverlake Lounge.  Tickets here.

Warpaint – May 8th at the Bootleg Theatre.  Tickets here.

To fully launch us into the week – check out this amazing (and colorful) commercial that perfectly marries explosions, paint and music:

Now, orange you glad you came here today?

Coachella 2010: No Plaid Left Behind

As I touched upon in the previous post, clothes are very important for Coachella. You want to be wearing something light, that you can dance in, but most of all you want to be wearing something so completely ridiculous you become the most ridiculously hip person around. I mean, it only makes sense that assembling the biggest collection of the buzziest indie bands close to one of the hippest cities in the United States would create a veritable explosion of cool. Of course there’s a very fine line between tragically hip and just tragic, so the key is calculating just the right amount of eccentricity in your outfit. Too much, you’ll look like a clown or – gasp – like you’re trying to hard. To little and well, you might as well be a Gap model. God forbid you show up in a polo shirt. No, you need something like a suede fringe vest over a gold lame romper paired with tube socks and Chucks (a staple in every self-respecting hipster’s wardrobe) topped off with some giant red sunglasses and a paisley head scarf.

There. You’re welcome. I just saved you from social suicide.

For more Coachella fashion tips check out Conn’s Pros on Serious Stache here.

And while you’re at it peek at my column “Very Serious Tadpole” new every Friday.

All About Coachella: Square To Be Hip by DesertTadpole

LCD Soundsystem – Fri April 16, Coachella Stage @ 9:05pm
The Cribs – Fri April 16, Outdoor Theatre 4:30pm **CANCELLED**
Gossip – Sat April 17 , Mojave Tent @ 5:40pm
The Raveonettes – Sat April 17, Gobi Tent @5:45pm
Camera Obscura – Sat April 17, Mojave Tent @ 3:10pm
Orbital – Sun April 18, Sahara Tent @ 8:05pm
Spoon – Sun April 18, Coachella Stage @ 6:30pm
Owen Pallett – Sun April 18, Outdoor Stage @ 2:25pm
Yo La Tengo – Sun April 18, Coachella Stage @ 5pm
Kevin Devine – Sun April 18, Gobi Tent 12:10pm

So what are you waiting for?  Grab your hat meet me in the desert.

Coachella 2010: If You Can’t Stand The Heat…Don’t Go To The Desert

One of the most defining characteristics about Coachella is that it takes place in the desert.  There is absolutely no shade, save for what’s created by tents or various giant sculptures, so the sun beats down hard, making the already hot climate almost unbearable.  Loose, light clothing is uniform and the key accessories that will save your trip are a water bottle, sunblock and chapstick (I promise you one of the worst parts of your body to get sunburned are your lips).

For some great tips and logistics in a nutshell, check out KROQ “Locals Only” DJ Kat Corbett’s Web In Front piece this week “Surviving Coachella”

And Classical Geek Theatre’s “Coachella Survival Tips!”

The weather also plays a big role in setting the tone of the festival – warm, lazy, relaxed and a bit sweaty.  Just like the tunes below.

Coachella 2010: Desert Heat by TAtunes

When and where to feel the heat…

The Specials – Fri April 16, Coachella Stage @ 6:20pm

Fever Ray – Fri April 16, Mojave Tent @ 11:10pm

Bad Lieutenant – Sat April 17, Gobi Tent @ 8:15pm

Flying Lotus – Sat April 17, Gobi Tent @ 10:45pm

Pretty Lights – Fri April 16, Sahara Tent @ 7:50pm

Portugal. The Man – Sat April 17, Gobi Tent @ 2:15pm

Pavement – Sun Apr 18, Coachella Stage @ 7:45pm

Local Natives – Sun Apr 18, Gobi Tent @ 2:10pm

The Soft Pack – Sun Apr 18, Mojave Tent @ 12:55pm

Jets Overhead – Fri Apr 16, Mojave Tent @ 1:00pm

And because I want to be Zooey Deschanel when I grow up…

Performing Fri April 16 on the Outdoor Stage @ 5:45pm

Coachella 2010: "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil…And You’ll Never Be Invited To A Party"

Love that Oscar Wilde guy – he says some great things (see quote in title).

With the festival days away and the set times announced days ago, it seems the entire city of Los Angeles is buzzing about Coachella.  What locations have the best line up?  Who do I want to be at the front of the stage for?  How can I make it to both Matt & Kim AND Florence and The Machine?  Well, that’s my big dilemma at least.

But the real scene isn’t what’s happening on the festival grounds – but behind it, next to it, around it.  Whether you’re staying in a house, a hotel, a condo or a tent if you’re going to Coachella you need to be prepared to party.  Some are almost as star-studded as the festival itself, and I know people who are more excited about them than seeing any of the bands in the Sahara Tent.

Just remember to pace yourself, because no one wants to clean up a vomiting stranger in their pool at 3pm when they could be seeing Frightened Rabbit.

All About Coachella: Party Time by DesertTadpole

When and where this weekend can you catch the above?  Check out set times here, or below:

Echo and The Bunnymen – Friday April 16, Outdoor Theatre @ 8:35pm

Benny Benassi – Friday April 16, Sahara Tent @ 10:15pm

Muse – Saturday April 17, Coachella Stage @ 9:35pm

Faith No More – Saturday April 17, Coachella Stage @ 7:55pm

Hot Chip – Saturday April 17, Outdoor Theatre @ 7:35pm

Major Lazer – Saturday April 17, Mojave Tent @ 9:25pm

Gorillaz – Sunday Sunday April 18, Coachella Stage @ 10:30pm

Little Boots – Sunday April 18, Gobi Tent @ 8:10pm

Rusko – Sunday April 18, Sahara Tent @ 2:30pm

Kaskade – Saturday April 17, Sahara Tent 7:45pm

Deadmau5 – Friday April 16, Sahara Tent 11:35pm

Because some bands bring the party in a way that cannot be captured in an mp3.  Check these guys out on Sunday Apr 18 in the Gobi Tent at 1:05pm.

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