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Tadpole Audio’s 45 Favorite Songs of 2011

By Amanda DK

‘Tis that time of year again.  When it begins to snow on the east coast, turns to sweater weather on the west coast and music lovers far and wide begin posting their lists of the best 50 or 100 songs of 2011.  First of all, I only got to 45 this year and second of all I don’t feel comfortable claiming these songs to be the “best.” “Best” is a strong word.  In no particular order, below you will find just some of the songs that moved me personally this year. Moved me to dance, sing, cry, stomp, flail, fist pump, clap, smile, jump, shout, hum, or sometimes all of the above.  I can only hope you love them half as much as I do; maybe even get turned on to an artist you’ve never considered before.  Enjoy!


TA Mixtape / Leave Your Guitar At Home

This Friday Tadpole Audio is pleased to present a mix of a different color.  A couple weeks ago I reached out to a colleague of mine who I have always admired for clearly having music in his blood to see if he would be interested in whipping something up and he got creative in a way not yet seen on this site.   What happens if you can’t touch one of today’s most relied upon instruments?  A lot of really cool stuff.


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