TA Mixtape / Road Trippin: Criss-Crossing The USA

by Mitch Campbell

Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo, TX

Most of us can still remember those days when we were young tots (tadpoles!) buckling up for the seven-hour nightmare of a drive with our family and any mysterious body odors they chose to bring along with them.  Sure, road trips can be miserable…  if you want them to.  But that was not the case in my recent criss-crossing of this country from LA to NYC.  I strapped on an optimistic, eager attitude towards some good-ol’-Lewis-and-Clark-style exploration and packed up my VW Jetta (she’s my lil’ Sacagawea) with one personal challenge in mind:  to conquer the southern United States by simply driving through it.  Ambitious, I know, but that’s how old-school explorers operate.  So without further ado, I hereby claim this Tadpole Audio guest mixtape mine in the name of music-loving travelers everywhere!


'Tis The Season: April Showers Bring May Flowers

How about a little spring in your step…? Check these great tracks out!

1. Animal Collective “My Girls” ♫

2. The Polyphonic Spree “Section 9 (Light & Day / Reach For The Sun)” ♫

3. The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun” ♫

4. My Brightest Diamond “Feeling Good (Cover)” ♫

5. Bright Eyes “I Must Belong Somewhere” ♫

6. Sigur Ros “Gobbledigook”

7. Darwin Deez “Radar Detector”

8. Princeton “Ms. Bentwich” ♫

9. Guster “I Spy”

10. Beirut “Forks and Knives”

11. MGMT “Kids” ♫

12. Lily Allen “Smile” ♫

What am I missing here?

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