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TA Mixtape / Summer Lovin: Dandelions Are Not Your Friends

At the end of last week I got so obsessed with writing this story, I completely ran out of time to post my other gardening mix last week.

My 12-year-old self is so tempted right now

Who didn’t think the dandelion was the best flower ever when they were little?  They were the best for making flower chains and headbands.  You could use them as crayons.  If you held one under your chin the amount that it glowed on your skin predicted how rich you would be.  And it was insanely fun to blow the all the seeds away into the wind.


Roshambo: Knife Would Have Been Scarier Than Scissors

Big surprise: there are not very many songs about scissors.  I was amazed to be able to find two and if you know of others please send them to me to prove me wrong.  However I was inspired by this crazy/haunting/compelling video:

Liars “Scissor” from A Bruntel on Vimeo.

AHHHH I KNOW RIGHT?  I am creeped out.  Thankfully, I have a (mostly) lively playlist to make the impending doom go away.

Roshambo: Knife Would Have Been Scarier by tadpoleFTW

Samantha Crain will be performing with Swedish band First Aid Kit and Kenneth Pattengale at the Bootleg on June 1st.  Tickets here.

And Born Ruffians can be caught at the Echo on June 3 with Young Rival.  Details here.

Lastly, yes I am aware I technically used the same song twice.

Game Night: That’s How It Could Have Happened…

To be perfectly honest I think I’ve played this board game less times than I can count on my hand, and if someone asked me to explain the game to you I wouldn’t even know where to start.  I always found it extremely confusing with all the weapons and locations and people and cards and…man, I don’t even know.

I will, however, ALWAYS remember two things that have spawned from this board game.

1)     Murder Mystery Night.  Okay, so I don’t know if Clue was ACTUALLY the basis for this, but the two are intertwined in my mind.  I believe now there are several different brands and websites boasting variations, but the gist is that you gather 8-10 friends for a party and give them each a character in advance of the event.  You could probably create all this on your own, but I did a packaged one with some amazingly punny names (I was “Spence DeMonet” a rich hunter or oil man or something).  Everyone must dress the part.  When the party begins someone is immediately killed off and the rest of the evening is figuring out whodunit.  I know it sounds pretty lame, but is actually really amazing.

2)     The Movie.  Tim Curry.  Madeline Kahn.  Michael McKean.  Christopher Lloyd.  That guy who is in everything, but I can’t ever remember his name.  Leslie Ann Warren, who I remember only because she was in a version of Cinderella (what?! That came out in 1965?!).  I don’t think I need to say any more.

Listen to some music.  Just watch out for the Cook (especially if she has a wrench).

Game Night: That’s how it could have happened…. by tadpolegames

Honeyhoney will be at The Hotel Café TONIGHT for the last night of their residency along with Nina Storey, Jenn Grinels, Ryan Levine and Kris Gruen.  Set time is 10pm, tickets here.

Catch Nico Stai on Saturday night, May 1 at the Bootleg Theatre with Shadow Shadow Shade, and The Black Apples.  Tickets here.

And if you happen to be in WeHo on Tuesday May 18, hit up the Troubadour for Scarlet Grey, performing with Assemble The Skyline, New Years Day, and Vogue In The Movement.  Their new album drops June 1.  Go here for tickets.

P.S. “Village Green Preservation Society” gets a great and very apropo use in Hot Fuzz.  It’s worth seeing for the song use, and the complete awesomeness of the film.

Photo courtesy of Rogue Pictures. Swoon.

Meet Roy G. Biv: Purple People-Eater

Purple is a color that I have always had a very special relationship with.  I blame it on how magical Harold and The Purple Crayon was.  It was my favorite color for a long time (until I just gave up and realized I couldn’t decide on just one).  I even directed a play for a theatre group that is named “The Purple Crayon Players.” The walls of my childhood bedroom are a deep purple.  My school colors in college were purple and white.  It’s an amazing color, and not just because Prince made millions off of it.

Fun Facts About Purple:

  • Purple in a room promotes creativity and imagination.
  • “Porphyrous” is an adjective that means “of or pertaining to the color purple.”
  • When someone is born “in the purple” it’s a way of saying they are of noble birth.
  • The “Forbidden City” in Bejing, China is technically “The Purple Forbidden City,” because of the secret purple area in heaven they believed was located near the north star.

And now some fun purple (and blue, violet, etc…) music!

Meet Roy G. Biv: Purple People Eater by colorfultadpole

Still want more?  Don’t be blue!  You can check out some of these violet-ly awesome tunes live!

Horse Feathers are at the Bootleg Theatre on May 19.  Tickets here.

Check out Trevor O’Neill’s track “Blue Divide” on his myspace, and see him live at the Bootleg Theatre on April 27.  Event info here.

You might see Sister Crayon perform their song “Lavender Liars”  if you hit up Spaceland on April 28…or on myspace.  Show tickets here.

Same for “Violet!”by  Jeremy Messersmith, also appearing at the Bootleg.  Catch him on May 15.  Tickets here.


Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed

After a crazy weekend at Coachella, I thought I would go back to basics.  And by basics I mean something learned in kindergarten: the color wheel.  Who doesn’t fondly remember the discovery of purple?  Green?  Orange?  And the disappointment when it became clear that mixing them all together created not a magical rainbow of color, but gross brown.  So many failed fingerpaintings.

In following with the timeless ROYGBIV, we begin with red, orange and variations thereof.  AND in following with kindergarten-level activities, I shall name all items I can think of in that color spectrum:


Clifford the Big Red Dog



Kitten noses




Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed by tadpolemusic

Upcoming shows…

Spindrift – May 6th at The Echo.  Tickets here.

Pepper Rabbit – April 29th at the Silverlake Lounge.  Tickets here.

Warpaint – May 8th at the Bootleg Theatre.  Tickets here.

To fully launch us into the week – check out this amazing (and colorful) commercial that perfectly marries explosions, paint and music:

Now, orange you glad you came here today?

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