Aural Fixation / Choco-Doodles

By Sierra Drucker and Catherine McNulty

The passing of Labor Day means that fall is officially here, but summer is still lingering like a bad hangover. It’s time to strip down all the excess you indulged in and get back to basics. But basics does not mean boring – that would be tedious. Much like Oscar Wilde, Aural Fixation abhors tediousness. So we recommend you take something familiar, a tried and true friend, and make it better. Behold: the simple, sweet snickerdoodle now with 100% more chocolatey goodness and therefore BETTER.

Aural Fixation / Introduction and Vegan Devil’s Food Cake

by Sierra Drucker and Catherine McNulty

Aural Fixation is the collaboration between soon to be chef-extraordinaire, Catherine McNulty, and music aficionado, Sierra Drucker.  We’re teaming up to bring you a delicious sensory overload that will satisfy both your taste for bites and bytes.  Indulge your sweet tooth.  Get some sweet tunes.

Grab a fork and some headphones.  Let’s dig in.


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