Neat Tracks / Quilt “Cowboys In The Void”

By Amanda DK

Artist: Quilt
Origin: Boston, MA
Label: Mexican Summer
Latest Release: Quilt (November 2011)

There is something about Boston quartet Quilt that is strange and yet familiar. Both immediate and nostalgic. I can’t quite tell if my instant connection with their particular brand of indie folk is due to their sonic kinship with current artists, like Mountain Man or The Barr Brothers, or some borrowed yearning for an era I never experienced.  The latter is more likely.

Guest Mixtape + Interview / The Barr Brothers: Songs We Are Thankful For

By Amanda DK 

Photo Credit: Andre Guerette

Music and setting have always been very closely linked. For example, it’s common knowledge that Bon Iver wrote For Emma, Forever Ago in a cabin in Wisconsin.  That isolated, icy sound translated into the music and now, who can listen to those songs and not be transported to a snowy forest?

Certain concerts are made that much more memorable or magical by the location too – TV On The Radio at the Hollywood Bowl, Milo Greene in a living room.

The combination of location and timing plays a role in the affect music has on us as well. I will never forget seeing Local Natives for free at Spaceland (now the Satellite) during their residency. I had barely heard of them and was totally blown away. Considering the venues they went on to play the following year (including Walt Disney Concert Hall) it’s an incredible memory to have seen them on the tiny, sparkling Silverlake stage.

I was in the right place at the right time.

It was a serendipitous combination of location and timing that led me to The Barr Brothers as well – not only my personal discovery of the band, but it’s very formation.  And the music itself even evokes a specific sense of place.


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