Neat Tracks / Spanish Prisoners “Knows No Violence” and “That’s When I Froze”

By Amanda DK

I’ll be honest, Spanish Prisoners isn’t the standard fare that makes me take stand up and notice.  They are dreamy, hazy and meandering, and from Brooklyn – usually a lethal combination for me.  Much of their debut album Gold Fools, doesn’t accomplish anything I haven’t heard before, but yet…is strangely pleasant and compelling.

TA Mixtape / Sleep Tight: Sweet Dreams

Illustration by Clement Hurd

With pretty much everyone I know on the edge of their seats awaiting the opening of Christopher Nolan‘s next (hopefully) epic masterpiece, Inception, on Friday – it seemed only fitting to do dream-related mixtapes this week. After all, that is the only thing we really know about the film other than it seems to have some sort of crime-solving angle and features a slew of stars. Dreams are a pretty fascinating phenomenon if you think about it – they’re often so complex, with a totally different set of rules than waking life (and from dream to dream), you feel completely engrossed in them, and yet when you open your eyes every little piece seems to evaporate instantly, sucked back down the drain to your subconscious. So rather than expound further, here are a few cool facts I found about dreams (then a mixtape of course)…


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