Neat Tracks / Rostam “Don’t Let It Get To You”

By Amanda DK

Artist: ROSTAM
Origin: New York, NY
Label: None
Latest Release: None

Rostam Batmanglij became known to most people via one of the biggest breakout indie pop bands of the past decade. He then stirred up some buzz again a few years ago as one-half of Discovery, his collaboration with Wes Miles, lead singer of another popular band (in hipster circles at least) Ra Ra Riot.

That said, it seems a bit ridiculous that it took the release of his solo work to finally get my attention.

Guest Mixtape + Interview / So Many Wizards: Songs That Make You Wanna Stay In

By Amanda DK

Photo Credit: David Uzzardi

Nima Kazerouni might be the busiest person in East LA.  Echo Park, Silverlake, Eagle Rock.  Actually, throw Long Beach in there too.  And San Diego.  At the core of a slew of local bands including Pulse Out, Snaggletooth, and most recognizably the frontman of So Many Wizards, Kazerouni plays in venues all across SoCal on an almost monthly basis.

So Many Wizards’ unique brand of hazy, bedroom pop with a quirky edge has taken hold of the local music scene – never more so than over the course of 2011.  They stole the show from Puro Instinct at one of the last Brand X LA Unheard concerts in April, and released a brand new 7”, a follow up to the band’s 2010 EP, Love Songs For When You Leave Me.  There have been line-up changes and additions the result of which is a new lush, bigger sound, and one that Kazerouni is particularly excited about.  Most recently, So Many Wizards has shared stages with a slew of other buzz bands, including Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lord Huron, Real Estate and more.  It’s only a matter of time before audiences across the country are just as familiar with Kazerouni’s playful falsetto, bouncy melodies and the name “So Many Wizards.”


Ad Sounds / Duck Sauce for Vitamin Water


Over the past couple years Vitamin Water has been branding themselves through the use of music, particularly after Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent joined the Vitamin Water team as part owner. I still love the original 50 Cent spot.

With 50 Cent standing on their side, Vitamin Water seemed to be developing more of a hip hop vibe.  The spot that caught my attention uses the Steve Aoki remix of “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi.  It’s a great song, but was ruined by the terrible commercial.  Looking up the that spot, I stumbled upon this new Vitamin Water Ad. Check it out…

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