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Neat Tracks / RACES “Big Broom”

By Amanda DK

Los Angeles band RACES has been blowing up on the local scene over the past few months. Pun intended. They dropped their debut EP of only three songs in November, managing to grow a rabid fanbase (and deal with Frenchkiss Records) based largely on a dynamic and compelling live performance and insistent buzz. And buzz well-deserved. While the songs are polished and rich (with six members, you are expected to make a lot of noise, and they do) the co-ed indie rockers really sell it on stage, filling whatever space they play to the brim with riffs and harmonies.

Guest Mixtape + Interview / The Parson Red Heads: The 1980’s You Can Feel Okay Telling Your Friends That You Like…


It should be made an official rule: If you have never heard of (or even heard) The Parson Red Heads, you cannot consider yourself a fan of the local Los Angeles music scene.  I’d even wager that 75% of the people living in the Silverlake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park know one of the past or present members personally.  Of course, considering that at any one time they could have as many as 15 members on stage (though there are 6 core members of the group), that’s not as great of a feat.  And with that many members, chances are even if you haven’t seen The Parson Red Heads as a whole, you will definitely have seen a past or present Parson out and about performing at different times with other LA bands like The World Record, The Idaho Falls, The Ghost Kings, Hungry Birds and up in Portland, Houndstooth, Old Light and Denver.  They’ve even got a new side project, Dome, kicking into gear soon, which I’m told “will be heavy”…but I digress.


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