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Tadpole Audio’s Favorite 25 Albums of 2010

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to put a list together – it just seemed too daunting, I was bound to forget important ones, definitely haven’t gotten a chance to listen to many of the most lauded – but then a friend called me out and I naturally I had to rise to the challenge.

I don’t want to call this a “Best of 2010” list, because I feel kind of like a fraud saying that.  Music is so subjective.  To this day I still don’t really understand the mad mass love of Beach House.  Maybe I’ll discover what I’m missing in 2011, but for the moment it is not music that grabs me personally.

That being said, I now present my favorite 25 albums and 5 EPs of 2010


Coachella 2010: No Plaid Left Behind

As I touched upon in the previous post, clothes are very important for Coachella. You want to be wearing something light, that you can dance in, but most of all you want to be wearing something so completely ridiculous you become the most ridiculously hip person around. I mean, it only makes sense that assembling the biggest collection of the buzziest indie bands close to one of the hippest cities in the United States would create a veritable explosion of cool. Of course there’s a very fine line between tragically hip and just tragic, so the key is calculating just the right amount of eccentricity in your outfit. Too much, you’ll look like a clown or – gasp – like you’re trying to hard. To little and well, you might as well be a Gap model. God forbid you show up in a polo shirt. No, you need something like a suede fringe vest over a gold lame romper paired with tube socks and Chucks (a staple in every self-respecting hipster’s wardrobe) topped off with some giant red sunglasses and a paisley head scarf.

There. You’re welcome. I just saved you from social suicide.

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All About Coachella: Square To Be Hip by DesertTadpole

LCD Soundsystem – Fri April 16, Coachella Stage @ 9:05pm
The Cribs – Fri April 16, Outdoor Theatre 4:30pm **CANCELLED**
Gossip – Sat April 17 , Mojave Tent @ 5:40pm
The Raveonettes – Sat April 17, Gobi Tent @5:45pm
Camera Obscura – Sat April 17, Mojave Tent @ 3:10pm
Orbital – Sun April 18, Sahara Tent @ 8:05pm
Spoon – Sun April 18, Coachella Stage @ 6:30pm
Owen Pallett – Sun April 18, Outdoor Stage @ 2:25pm
Yo La Tengo – Sun April 18, Coachella Stage @ 5pm
Kevin Devine – Sun April 18, Gobi Tent 12:10pm

So what are you waiting for?  Grab your hat meet me in the desert.

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