TA Mixtape + Recipe / The Mushroom Risotto Shuffle

by Priya Perera

Of all the pasta dishes, risotto is the one that is truly made with love.  It’s the watched pot that will boil – and stick to the pan – so you have to keep an eye on it.  It’s one and a half hours of tending to a fussy baby – stirring it to sleep and quenching its thirst one ladleful at a time.  But fear not!  Done correctly you will have accomplished home cooking so rare to LA you’ll never want to use a microwave again. To keep things a bit more interesting, here is a recipe (inspired by a class I took at the New School of Cooking in Culver City, CA) choreographed to a few tunes that will make this tasty effort all the more worth it. So press play and pour yourself a nice glass of white wine…and keep that bottle open because you’ll need it as part of this delicious dish (6 servings):


Guest Mixtape + Interview / DJ Bumbaclot “Safe In Heaven, Dead”

DJ Bumbaclot


DJs have always fascinated me.  It’s a job that seems so easy from the outside – how hard can it be to make a playlist and crossfade from song to song? – but just stand behind a really talented DJ for a few moments and you can’t help be overwhelmed by how much is actually going on.  So many moving parts that all need to be perfectly balanced lest the flow be ruined.  Being a DJ is an art requiring intense concentration, a delicate hand, and real musical sensibility.


Summer Lovin’: Beach Bum

With the long weekend fast approaching my mind has been entirely focused on the impending vacation and the fact that in just a few days I will be sitting by a pool in Las Vegas, preferably with a cold beer in hand and reading a girly magazine.

Which means that it’s only a matter of time until I will be enjoying the same accoutrements lounging by the ocean instead. Feeling the warm sand under my toes, listening to the waves crashing against the shore, napping AND tanning simultaneously…aw crap, I got phones to answer.


Animal Kingdom: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!  Well, if you’re not Judy Garland you must be at the zoo, because who goes there and DOESN’T check out the lion habitat?  Or the tigers?  Or the elephants and giraffes for that matter?  Lame people that’s who.  The same people who don’t check out the lions at the MGM Grand in Vegas – though, it would make sense for lame people to avoid Vegas in general.  Yeah.  Or I guess those people might just feel strongly about not keeping wild animals in captivity and have chosen not to support such abuse…which, if you think about it, isn’t really lame…it’s kind of noble…

They’ll never take the sun bear away from me.

Just listen to some music, okay?

Animal Kingdom: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by teamanda

Catch local bands Warpaint and Pizza! after their shows at SXSW – Warpaint at Spaceland on March 29, and Pizza! all over LA including Silverlake Lounge, Spaceland and the Echo over the next couple months.  Check them out performing “Mammoth Skull” below…

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