Forget cats and dogs.  Fish may actually be the most loved pets that there are.  Seriously.  Fish are the cheapest, most low maintenance pets so hundreds of people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford, maintain, legally have a pet in their home have fish.  And if you do want a high maintenance pet – look no further!  Get yourself a fancy tropical tank full of clownfish, angelfish or even a shark.  The real thing that separates fish is that not only do people love to own them, they’re also amazingly delicious to eat.  Feeling lazy?  Microwave up some fish sticks or snack on some goldfish and you’ve never been more content.  Out at a nice dinner?  Perhaps that maple-glazed salmon – tasty and good for you!  So three cheers to fish, rulers of the ocean and our hearts (and stomachs).

The Beatles “Octopus’s Garden”

Heart “Barracuda”

Ani DiFranco “Little Plastic Castle”

Jimi Hendrix “Catfish Blues”

Freezepop “Shark Attack”

Blue Oyster Cult “Mistress of the Salmon Salt”

A Fine Frenzy “The Minnow and The Trout”

And the final suggestion in the form of a super hip video…