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Dead Times 2
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What is this sparse, synth-driven R&B trend officially being called? Neo-R&B? Electro-R&B? Whatever it is called, it is quite rare that this type of music really grabs me; while I can confidently say I am sent a great deal of this, it is a challenge to come up with a list of bands. Sure there are some winners in every catalog, but more often than not it all just sounds the same to me. The bands traversing in this area are a blur of beats and soulful moans.

Not so with the LA-based Dead Times, or at least the majority (majority!) of the tracks I’ve heard from them thus far.

Neat Tracks / Willy Moon “Yeah Yeah”

I have been obsessed with this song for a while now.  I mean, it’s retro-soul that is based on a Wu-Tang Clan sample.  What?!  In case you missed me raving on Facebook, or were not one of the many people I forced to listen to it – here you go.

File Under: Nick Waterhouse, The Heavy, 1950’s, soul, New Zealand, glitch, rockabilly, swagger, Wu Tang sample, a good time

Willy Moon “Yeah Yeah”

The video is trippy and awesome as well. And if you’re into gangly, well-dressed men, with adorably awkward dance moves, this will make you combust.

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