This April, Variety published their annual Music for Screens Issue, containing several interesting articles about ever-changing landscape of using music in film and television.  One in particular is an interview with president of Fox Music, Robert Kraft, discussing the state of the film soundtrack and what it takes to get noticed these days.  You can take a look for yourself here – I highly recommend.

I bring it up, because 2 soundtracks were publicly announced yesterday that I think both did it really right in different ways…

1. ) Twlight: Eclipse – So big it was a trending topic on Twitter for much of the day yesterday, the only thing that gives these films any indie cred is the stellar music used.  Again and again Alex Patsavas proves she knows how to get the best unreleased stuff from a slew of buzztacular artists AND throw in an amazing-yet-unexpected pairing we never knew we were dying to hear (Bon Iver & St. Vincent!  Beck & Bat For Lashes!).  To be perfectly honest, I sometimes question how well all these tracks actually fit into the fabric of the movie, but as a soundtrack I would definitely shell out the dough.

The tracklist…

1.  Metric – “Eclipse (All Yours)”
2.  MUSE – “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”
3.  The Bravery – “Ours”
4.  Florence + The Machine – “Heavy In Your Arms”
5.  Sia – “My Love”
6.  Fanfarlo – “Atlas”
7.  The Black Keys – “Chop And Change”
8.  The Dead Weather – “Rolling In On A Burning Tire”
9.  Beck & Bat For Lashes – “Let’s Get Lost”
10.  Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low”
11.  UNKLE – “With You In My Head (ft. The Black Angels)”
12.  Eastern Conference Champions – “A Million Miles An Hour”
13.  Band Of Horses – “Life On Earth”
14.  Cee Lo Green – “What Part Of Forever”
15.  Howard Shore – “Jacob’s Theme”

2.  Killers – Seriously, people.  While less flashy and lacking any current hipster idols, this soundtrack still boasts exciting up and comers and tracks from artists with unreleased albums like Nikki & Rich and Rox.   More importantly, however, all the tracks jive together to create a very specific and fun tone described as “1960s french riviera rave up” doesn’t over do it and – gasp – FITS WITH THE FILM.  Not to mention some excellent selections from Rolfe Kent‘s score to finish it off.  Curated by Tracy McKnight, the skilled hand behind Adventureland, The Messenger, and Cold Souls among many others – you know it’s gotta be good.   Preview some of the tunes on the myspace page.

The tracklist…

1. Macy Gray – “Beauty In The World”
2. Salvador Santana – “Under The Sun”
3. Nikki & Rich – “Cat & Mouse”
4. Faces – “Ooh La La”
5. Bitter:Sweet – “A Moment”
6. Rox – “I Don’t Believe”
7. Vanessa Contenay Quinones – “Bon Bon Bon”
8. Menahan Street Band – “Montego Sunset”
9. “Scuba Sneak” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)
10. “Gonna Kill Him” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)
11. “Even The UPS Guy” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)
12. “Nice, France” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)
13. “Falling In Bed” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)
14. “Elevator Attraction” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)
15. “New Home Office” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)
16. “Killers Suite” (Original Score by Rolfe Kent)