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TA Mixtape / Summer Lovin’ : How Does Your Garden Grow?

If the fact that my last mixtape included tracks from both Journey AND The Backstreet Boys didn’t reveal me to be a huge nerd, then I’m about to blow my cover now: this past April I actually left my apartment in Silverlake – Los Angeles hipster music mecca – and moved completely across town into a house a mile away from the beach.  AND I LOVE IT. Yeah, it’s much farther to get to most shows, and a much more painful drive home when I head east on weeknights, but I moved to be closer to my job in Santa Monica and in that regard it’s a total win.

I also love living in a house.  Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two floors.  I love my huge living room and kitchen.  I love having a front yard.  I love my tiny room, which is almost completely become my own personal magical music happy land.  Currently though, I’m especially loving my back patio.  I want to paint the walls.  I want to buy cute vintage patio furniture.  And I want to garden.


Party On: Cannonball!

I know, I know.  This might seem like a random third choice here.  Dance party and cocktail lounge are polar opposites.  There are a plethora of other options I could have gone with.  Bachelorette Party, Office Holiday Party, Sweet Sixteen.  You can dance AND lounge to The Beach Boys so couldn’t they go into either of the other playlists?  How does that classify a separate genre?  So on and so forth.

Cool it.  The answer is easy: POOL PARTIES ARE AWESOME.  Who doesn’t have a wonderful memory from their youth of splashing around with an inflatable whale or inner tube?  Besides, summer is only a month or so away.  Even in LA where it’s temperate year round we can’t wait – 65 degrees is too cold to prance around in a bathing suit no matter where you are.  Now that May is almost halfway over I can almost taste those Arnold Palmers and feel the warm breeze while kicking back on a chaise lounge.  The sweetness made ever so much better by an excellent soundtrack. Ah….

Party On: Cannonball! by comfortadpole1

Upcoming shows…

Don’t miss Voxtrot on their farewell “Goodbye Cruel World Tour” at the Echoplex on May 27, with We Barbarians, The Black, and The Ferocious Few.  Get your tickets!

Young Rival is performing with Born Ruffians at the Echo on June 3.  Tickets here.

The Tijuana Panthers will be at Echo Curio on May 21 with Woah Hunks and Christmas Island, followed by a FREE show at the Echo on the 24 with The Like and Dante vs. Zombies.

And check out Tsururadio’s great interview with Super Desserts (and accompanying mixtape!) here.

Lastly, while it only briefly features a pool – I would definitely play this song at a pool party, and this video is incredible.

Tadpole Goes International: Viva España!

I’m writing this very belated post from a hotel room in Toledo, Spain after taking two epic flights, a train, and a cab to Rome, then a train to Venice, a water taxi, bus and plane to Madrid and a car down here to Toledo.  In between all the traveling was the Roman forum, Colosseum, Vatican City, Pantheon, St. Marks Square & Cathedral, the Rialto Bridge, some gondolas, and far too much pasta and gelato.  Word of warning to any Californians: INVEST IN FIRST CLASS.  Very few people were born to be contortionists.  Your back and neck will thank you.  To be fair though, who am I to complain while in EUROPE.  I’ll keep my mouth shut.

So now I’m in Spain.  Here’s a very blurry photo off of the hotel balcony looking out at old Toledo:

Amazing, right?  And to really get you in the mood  I’ll drop some tunes on you from across the pond.  So sit back and enjoy a sampling of local flavor from Madrid to Barcelona to Valencia to Cadiz.  Viva España!

Tadpole Goes International: Viva España! by tadpoletunes

And in case you needed a dose of crazy this weekend, here’s a gem from Barcelona:

Be sure to check out band websites for if and when they might be in the US!  Dig Delorean?  They’re currently touring with Miike Snow and can be caught at the Echoplex on April 17.  Check out tour dates and more songs here.

Lastly, special thanks for this list goes to Paul Dryden at Nacional Records – guru of all Latin American and Spanish music.

Buenas Noches!

(in Spain at least)

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