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The Adventures of Pete & Pete aired from 1993 – 1996, which for me was roughly third through sixth grade. Like most things during that era, the details are now a bit fuzzy, but the emotions remain clear. I remember worshiping Little Pete and wanting to have adventures like his. I remember looking up to Big Pete and wishing I had a big brother too. I remember high school seeming like a million years away.

A few weeks ago a friend revealed that she had the first couple seasons on DVD. Naturally we watched a few episodes. As the credits rolled at the end of one of them, a familiar band name jumped out at me: The Magnetic Fields . I was stunned. Here I was watching something that aired almost a decade ago, using music still popular today. Not long after this, I stumbled across a cover of the theme song, “Hey Sandy,” recently done by the band Grand Lake – 6 blogs had featured the track. Memories were flooding back and with them a new awareness of just how big a part of the series the music was.

In my research for this article I found an interview done by Robert Agnello – another musician/artist involved in the show – with creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi in October 2008. Over a decade over the show went off the air, it’s clear that Pete and Pete still holds a special place in all of their hearts. In the interview they chat about various aspects of the show, with a focus on the music. Agnello begins the discussion by recounting:

“I’ll always remember talking to you about doing music for you guys and I think it was you Will who said, ‘go listen to Yo LaTengo and The Lemonheads.’”


Animal Kingdom: From Surprised Kitty to Slow Loris

I initially created the “small mammals” category thinking initially of rodents, cats, dogs, squirrels, chipmunks…but as I researched I realized that could include many species from a variety of different environments!  Representing the woodlands of a small town near you – raccoons, badgers, possums, beavers, groundhogs, rabbits.  On a farm you can find pigs, goats, and sheep.  “Small mammal” could even be used to aptly describe my favorite youtube sensation, the slow loris, as well as other exotic beasts koalas, wombats, red pandas, bush babies, lemurs and meerkats.  So really this playlist could have gone on and on and on and on.  Rather than barrage you with music though, I chose a selection of winners and will leave the research on songs about tasmanian devils to you.

Animal Kingdom: From Surprised Kitty to Slow Loris by teamanda

And what small mammal playlist would be complete without a pop/electronica tribute to the worlds most famous mouse?

But because it’s so close to Friday and for some reason every playlist makes me think of a song that was well used in a children’s movie, here you go.


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