Thom Yorke

Aural Fixation / Introduction and Vegan Devil’s Food Cake

by Sierra Drucker and Catherine McNulty

Aural Fixation is the collaboration between soon to be chef-extraordinaire, Catherine McNulty, and music aficionado, Sierra Drucker.  We’re teaming up to bring you a delicious sensory overload that will satisfy both your taste for bites and bytes.  Indulge your sweet tooth.  Get some sweet tunes.

Grab a fork and some headphones.  Let’s dig in.


Guest Mixtape + Interview / DJ Bumbaclot “Safe In Heaven, Dead”

DJ Bumbaclot


DJs have always fascinated me.  It’s a job that seems so easy from the outside – how hard can it be to make a playlist and crossfade from song to song? – but just stand behind a really talented DJ for a few moments and you can’t help be overwhelmed by how much is actually going on.  So many moving parts that all need to be perfectly balanced lest the flow be ruined.  Being a DJ is an art requiring intense concentration, a delicate hand, and real musical sensibility.


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