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Tadpole Audio’s 45 Favorite Songs of 2011

By Amanda DK

‘Tis that time of year again.  When it begins to snow on the east coast, turns to sweater weather on the west coast and music lovers far and wide begin posting their lists of the best 50 or 100 songs of 2011.  First of all, I only got to 45 this year and second of all I don’t feel comfortable claiming these songs to be the “best.” “Best” is a strong word.  In no particular order, below you will find just some of the songs that moved me personally this year. Moved me to dance, sing, cry, stomp, flail, fist pump, clap, smile, jump, shout, hum, or sometimes all of the above.  I can only hope you love them half as much as I do; maybe even get turned on to an artist you’ve never considered before.  Enjoy!


Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed

After a crazy weekend at Coachella, I thought I would go back to basics.  And by basics I mean something learned in kindergarten: the color wheel.  Who doesn’t fondly remember the discovery of purple?  Green?  Orange?  And the disappointment when it became clear that mixing them all together created not a magical rainbow of color, but gross brown.  So many failed fingerpaintings.

In following with the timeless ROYGBIV, we begin with red, orange and variations thereof.  AND in following with kindergarten-level activities, I shall name all items I can think of in that color spectrum:


Clifford the Big Red Dog



Kitten noses




Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed by tadpolemusic

Upcoming shows…

Spindrift – May 6th at The Echo.  Tickets here.

Pepper Rabbit – April 29th at the Silverlake Lounge.  Tickets here.

Warpaint – May 8th at the Bootleg Theatre.  Tickets here.

To fully launch us into the week – check out this amazing (and colorful) commercial that perfectly marries explosions, paint and music:

Now, orange you glad you came here today?

Animal Kingdom: From Surprised Kitty to Slow Loris

I initially created the “small mammals” category thinking initially of rodents, cats, dogs, squirrels, chipmunks…but as I researched I realized that could include many species from a variety of different environments!  Representing the woodlands of a small town near you – raccoons, badgers, possums, beavers, groundhogs, rabbits.  On a farm you can find pigs, goats, and sheep.  “Small mammal” could even be used to aptly describe my favorite youtube sensation, the slow loris, as well as other exotic beasts koalas, wombats, red pandas, bush babies, lemurs and meerkats.  So really this playlist could have gone on and on and on and on.  Rather than barrage you with music though, I chose a selection of winners and will leave the research on songs about tasmanian devils to you.

Animal Kingdom: From Surprised Kitty to Slow Loris by teamanda

And what small mammal playlist would be complete without a pop/electronica tribute to the worlds most famous mouse?

But because it’s so close to Friday and for some reason every playlist makes me think of a song that was well used in a children’s movie, here you go.


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