Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed

After a crazy weekend at Coachella, I thought I would go back to basics.  And by basics I mean something learned in kindergarten: the color wheel.  Who doesn’t fondly remember the discovery of purple?  Green?  Orange?  And the disappointment when it became clear that mixing them all together created not a magical rainbow of color, but gross brown.  So many failed fingerpaintings.

In following with the timeless ROYGBIV, we begin with red, orange and variations thereof.  AND in following with kindergarten-level activities, I shall name all items I can think of in that color spectrum:


Clifford the Big Red Dog



Kitten noses




Meet Roy G. Biv: Caught Red-Handed by tadpolemusic

Upcoming shows…

Spindrift – May 6th at The Echo.  Tickets here.

Pepper Rabbit – April 29th at the Silverlake Lounge.  Tickets here.

Warpaint – May 8th at the Bootleg Theatre.  Tickets here.

To fully launch us into the week – check out this amazing (and colorful) commercial that perfectly marries explosions, paint and music:

Now, orange you glad you came here today?

Animal Kingdom: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!  Well, if you’re not Judy Garland you must be at the zoo, because who goes there and DOESN’T check out the lion habitat?  Or the tigers?  Or the elephants and giraffes for that matter?  Lame people that’s who.  The same people who don’t check out the lions at the MGM Grand in Vegas – though, it would make sense for lame people to avoid Vegas in general.  Yeah.  Or I guess those people might just feel strongly about not keeping wild animals in captivity and have chosen not to support such abuse…which, if you think about it, isn’t really lame…it’s kind of noble…

They’ll never take the sun bear away from me.

Just listen to some music, okay?

Animal Kingdom: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by teamanda

Catch local bands Warpaint and Pizza! after their shows at SXSW – Warpaint at Spaceland on March 29, and Pizza! all over LA including Silverlake Lounge, Spaceland and the Echo over the next couple months.  Check them out performing “Mammoth Skull” below…

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