This whole thing started through an obsession with several Scottish bands all at the same time (Mumford & Sons, Belle & Sebastian, Frightened Rabbit, 1990’s and We Were Promised Jetpacks since you were obviously wondering) which I felt the need to share with the world via twitter.  The next day I happened to like two songs that were both swimming related and decided to find a couple more to complete the playlist.  Then I figured I should probably stick to some sort of theme if I were to continue this thing and had to ask my boyfriend for “air” song recommendations.  And so on and so forth.

The next steps were all pretty much various efforts to find ways NOT to annoy people with my new hobby.  I created a separate twitter account so that my followers actually had a choice whether or not to receive insane amounts of music links on a daily basis.  Then to stop clogging the newsfeeds of all my facebook friends I decided to consolidate each days playlists into a single daily note.

And now for those who don’t tweet or status-update, and because I didn’t feel like I was using enough forms of social media – I started a blog as a home for it all.

So forgive the barrage of posts coming up in the next 24 hours – just getting the blogosphere (is that what people say?) caught up with what’s going down.