By Amanda DK

Artist: Matt FX
Origin: New York, NY
Label: None
Latest Release: None

It was only last Friday that I made this announcement via Twitter:

Well, it’s appears that summer came early this year (or is generally always hanging around, if you live in Los Angeles like I do). Moments later I found out that I could, in fact, share this infectious tune with all of you. And the same statement I made then still holds true today.

Some of you may remember Matt FX as the young music supervisor of the US version of Skins, filling episodes with upwards of fifteen songs each, including the likes of Caveman, Figurines, Bear In Heaven, Phantogram and Superhumanoids (just to name a few).  In his interview with TA just over a year ago, Matt mentioned that he had recently bought a bunch of equipment for his studio – “Breezy” is the first fruit we are hearing of his labors, and man, it tastes good.

Popsicle good. Or ice cold lemonade good. Or waves crashing onto the shore on a hot day good.  Typically I’m not the one to endorse sparse, lo-fi electronic beats, and really, if I had any criticism of the track it would be that I wish it built more every minute or so, but the chorus is just so darn catchy.  It will get stuck in your head in the best way possible, I challenge you not to sway along with the melody – reminiscent of a sunny steel drum jam – conjuring dreams of a getaway to a peacefully uninhabited tropical isle.

Matt FX “Breezy (feat. Zoe Penina)”