Paper Crows Photo

This co-ed UK duo seems to have surprisingly little press, or at least not enough. They have released two EPs to date, the most recent, the lovely Build EP, came out a year ago, but is no longer available for purchase anywhere that I can find. A new single titled “Anomaly” was shared with the interwebs at the beginning of this year, which was the last time there was any hint of a full length coming out (via Twitter).

Regardless, I am on board with whatever comes next from Paper Crows. It’s hard to imagine a combination of haunting and infectious, but they have achieved it; expansive indie pop with a hint of darkness, but choruses too catchy to really feel anything sinister. Their melodic choruses will be swimming laps in your head for days.

Paper Crows “Anomaly”

Paper Crows “Homebound”