Laney Jones Grey Fox 2013

I am a sucker for songs with a catchy hook and a whole lot of heart. This tune by Florida-based songstress, Laney Jones starts off with earnest acoustic guitar, building momentum until an electronic beat kicks in at the chorus. When in the wrong hands this sort of genre switcheroo can be a sloppy let down; when done well, a cathartic dance floor anthem that makes you sing-along and shake your booty (e.g. “Wake Me Up” by Avicii / Aloe Blacc).

Put “Stronger Than You Know” in the latter category. Free download now available on SoundCloud:

Everything else I’ve heard thus far has been similarly impressive, though varied. Her 2013 (and most recent) album, Golden Road is warm and intimate indie folk, while some of the more recent tracks she has been involved in hits right in the sweet spot between pop and folk singer-songwriter.

On these tunes, Jones blends sophisticated vocals with well-deployed electronic bells and whistles to create songs you can’t help but groove along to.

“Still Want You”

“Work It Out”
Can be streamed on her SonicBids page here.

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