Ryn Weaver

All credit goes to this wise fellow for tipping me off to Ryn Weaver, so that the moment her EP hit my inbox (via Interscope) I knew I had to take a listen right away.

All four tracks are lithe and soaring pop tunes, but “OctaHate” is my favorite, cemented by the arrival of a killer (and quirky) music video. Anyone else see the Allison Williams resemblance? I certainly would not mind the comparison.

As referenced in a BuzzFeed article, Weaver (real name Aryn Wüthrich) dubs her sound “fairy pop” on her SoundCloud page, which is certainly apt, though Weaver’s music has a bit more might than the word “fairy” implies…maybe nymph pop?

I might be the only one who sees a difference there, but I maintain it’s an important one.

Cover of Joanna Newsom’s “Peach, Plum, Pear”

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