Act As If_PressPhoto1.1In this line of work I meet a lot of artists. Most of them seem like they happily stumbled into a licensing deal and my presence. Not so with Peter Verdell, who is one of the most professional, savvy, driven and hardest-working musicians I’ve ever encountered…in addition to being a brilliant songwriter and talented performer with his band, Act As If. He is someone I both enjoy being around and cannot wait to do business with.

Since the right opportunity for a film or TV project has yet to arise, asking him to perform at my house for the very first installment of a new showcase series would have to do. It was a huge honor to host Peter, Sarah and Derek for the inaugural Sessions At The Steps, where they played stripped down versions of tunes from their latest album, Steady, for an intimate and appreciative group of music industry professionals.

That said, Act As If is no stranger to the sync world. Their music has been heard in shows like Cougar Town, Pretty Little Liars, Chasing Life and more, in addition to being featured on sites like Buzz Bands LA, Kick Kick SnareBuzznet, Under the Gun and Pop Matters.

Steady is an album you simply don’t want to miss. From songwriting to production, it is the definition of “just plain good,” in a way that few bands manage to fully achieve. At turns yearning and anthemic and driving, every song sounds different, yet the record is a cohesive paragon of indie pop rock. It perfectly captures the ethos of Los Angeles, nicely polished, but rooted in undeniably authentic emotion.

Get a glimpse in the videos below, then come see them for free on Tuesday May 26 at Bardot! Act As If goes on at 9pm.

Thank you to Big Footage Productions for filming this performance!

Act As If “It’s That Simple”

Act As If “Keep Me By Your Side”