Rivvrs_14Give me some rowdy anthemic choruses and a warm rootsy guitar and I am sold.

Loving this EP by RIVVRS, also known as Brandon Zahursky. It’s only four songs and all are worth a several listens.

Recognize any? All of them have found homes in television shows (Finding Carter, About A Boy, The Night Shift, Red Band Society) and for good reason. Artists wondering what a “syncable” sound is should look no further, though I should qualify that by saying it’s not the only path to travel for those interested in film and TV placements.

That said, it’s a damn good one. This is could be an entire post, but here are just a few reasons why (in this writer’s humble opinion):

– Musically simple, but with energy and build

– Straightforward chorus lyrics

– Clear tone/mood that is consistent with the lyrical content

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