Animal Kingdom: The Origin of Man

According to my copious research the thing that separates humans from animals is rational thought, or the ability to control one’s instincts.  I suppose I buy that.  I mean, a lemming doesn’t elect to plunge off a cliff to it’s watery doom with rest of it’s kind.  Nor does a dog decide what tree to pee on based on what’s the most popular poplar.  No, those animals make decisions purely based on instinct and survival.  It is only we humans with the gift of judgement.  We can choose to follow the same trends as our peers, pee on the biggest and best tree we want to, and chase unattainable men/women until they destroy us.  So three cheers for reason and logic – let’s all head to the Cabo Cantina and celebrate the superiority of our species over 10 tequila shots.


Animal Kingdom: Human by tadpoletunes

Be sure to check out The Deadly Syndrome on March 25 at the Echo for their record release show with Signals and Rabbits, presented by Web In Front and I Promote Good Bands.  Going to be a great show with some kickin’ local talent.

And honestly it’s hard for me to articulate why this particular video came to mind for “humans.”  It’s definitely not a kids movie.  It’s not conventional.  But it is about the evolution of a very distinctly human quality –  the ability to love.  And it’s a heartbreakingly human film and theatrical production.

Animal Kingdom: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!  Well, if you’re not Judy Garland you must be at the zoo, because who goes there and DOESN’T check out the lion habitat?  Or the tigers?  Or the elephants and giraffes for that matter?  Lame people that’s who.  The same people who don’t check out the lions at the MGM Grand in Vegas – though, it would make sense for lame people to avoid Vegas in general.  Yeah.  Or I guess those people might just feel strongly about not keeping wild animals in captivity and have chosen not to support such abuse…which, if you think about it, isn’t really lame…it’s kind of noble…

They’ll never take the sun bear away from me.

Just listen to some music, okay?

Animal Kingdom: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by teamanda

Catch local bands Warpaint and Pizza! after their shows at SXSW – Warpaint at Spaceland on March 29, and Pizza! all over LA including Silverlake Lounge, Spaceland and the Echo over the next couple months.  Check them out performing “Mammoth Skull” below…

Animal Kingdom: From Surprised Kitty to Slow Loris

I initially created the “small mammals” category thinking initially of rodents, cats, dogs, squirrels, chipmunks…but as I researched I realized that could include many species from a variety of different environments!  Representing the woodlands of a small town near you – raccoons, badgers, possums, beavers, groundhogs, rabbits.  On a farm you can find pigs, goats, and sheep.  “Small mammal” could even be used to aptly describe my favorite youtube sensation, the slow loris, as well as other exotic beasts koalas, wombats, red pandas, bush babies, lemurs and meerkats.  So really this playlist could have gone on and on and on and on.  Rather than barrage you with music though, I chose a selection of winners and will leave the research on songs about tasmanian devils to you.

Animal Kingdom: From Surprised Kitty to Slow Loris by teamanda

And what small mammal playlist would be complete without a pop/electronica tribute to the worlds most famous mouse?

But because it’s so close to Friday and for some reason every playlist makes me think of a song that was well used in a children’s movie, here you go.


Animal Kingdom: Bird Brained

Allow me to take a moment to drop some poetry on you, by one of my absolute favorite poets, Emily Dickinson…

A Bird Came Down

A bird came down the walk:
He did not know I saw;
He bit an angle-worm in halves
And ate the fellow, raw.

And then he drank a dew
From a convenient grass,
And then hopped sidewise to the wall
To let a beetle pass.

He glanced with rapid eyes
That hurried all abroad,–
They looked like frightened beads, I thought;
He stirred his velvet head

Like one in danger; cautious,
I offered him a crumb,
And he unrolled his feathers
And rowed him softer home

Than oars divide the ocean,
Too silver for a seam,
Or butterflies, off banks of noon,
Leap, splashless, as they swim.

I think one of the reasons I love Emily Dickinson is that her whole bag is translating emotion and desires into images you can feel.  Just by reading her work you can tell how repressed she is.  So many of her poems capture this urge to escape, to take a leap, to fly – I imagine she would have particularly liked to be a bird.  Not a poetry fan?  Well, take flight with these tracks instead…

Animal Kingdom: For The Birds by teamanda

And two very different videos of the day.  One suggested by my very clever boyfriend (I quote, “Bird themed band, song AND video. That’s how you say BOO-YAH.”)

And a classic video that you can even SING ALONG TO.


Animal Kingdom: Gone Fishing

Forget cats and dogs.  Fish may actually be the most loved pets that there are.  Seriously.  Fish are the cheapest, most low maintenance pets so hundreds of people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford, maintain, legally have a pet in their home have fish.  And if you do want a high maintenance pet – look no further!  Get yourself a fancy tropical tank full of clownfish, angelfish or even a shark.  The real thing that separates fish is that not only do people love to own them, they’re also amazingly delicious to eat.  Feeling lazy?  Microwave up some fish sticks or snack on some goldfish and you’ve never been more content.  Out at a nice dinner?  Perhaps that maple-glazed salmon – tasty and good for you!  So three cheers to fish, rulers of the ocean and our hearts (and stomachs).

The Beatles “Octopus’s Garden”

Heart “Barracuda”

Ani DiFranco “Little Plastic Castle”

Jimi Hendrix “Catfish Blues”

Freezepop “Shark Attack”

Blue Oyster Cult “Mistress of the Salmon Salt”

A Fine Frenzy “The Minnow and The Trout”

And the final suggestion in the form of a super hip video…


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