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San Fermin Denny Renshaw
Photo Credit: Denny Renshaw

In my extreme old age (I turned thirty this year, guys) I’ve become much choosier about the shows I get out to, especially if they are farther than my immediate Eastside vicinity. I know I have friends who roll their eyes at this. To those people I say, “INVITE ME OUT MORE THEN JEEZ”

Last month I trekked all the way to the Troubadour to see San Fermin. It was 100% worth it, and not just because I found a parking spot less than a mile away. It was one of those shows that reignited my love and desire to be a part of an industry that helps support such amazing art.

Neat Tracks / Spanish Prisoners “Knows No Violence” and “That’s When I Froze”

By Amanda DK

I’ll be honest, Spanish Prisoners isn’t the standard fare that makes me take stand up and notice.  They are dreamy, hazy and meandering, and from Brooklyn – usually a lethal combination for me.  Much of their debut album Gold Fools, doesn’t accomplish anything I haven’t heard before, but yet…is strangely pleasant and compelling.

Neat Tracks / Making Friendz “Situation”

By Amanda DK

Artist: Making Friendz
Origin: New York
Label: Last Bummer Records
Latest Release: Social Life (June 2011)

Those who follow this blog have probably noticed it’s more earthy, rootsy folk leanings.  I won’t lie, when going through submissions, I generally look for words like “ambient,” “electronic,” “beats,” “experimental,” so I can then delete those posts.  Occasionally, however, something will reach in from outside my comfort zone and give me a good shake.

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